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  • Radi-CAL Brackets
  • Radi-CAL Brackets
  • Radi-CAL Brackets

Radi-CAL Brackets

$ 445.00



For the ultimate in braking, look no further!

As referenced in our tutorial on stopping a Lotus HERE, we advocate for running stock diameter rotors (288mm) and simply upgrading the calipers that interface with them.

To run AP's latest creation, the AP Racing Radi-CAL, you'll need a strong adapter bracket to mount them.

Our brackets and this system have been tested on some of the fastest Lotus race cars on the planet. 

The bracket is complete with stainless steel thread inserts, hardware, and 3 lug mounting to ensure no distortion or harmonics when using the awesome Radi-CAL calipers from AP.  Designed to be used on OEM S2 uprights.

The Radi-CAL calipers allow for 15" wheels in the front and will outperform the "BBK" (Big Brake Kits) on the market with lower weight (both sprung and un-spring!) and lower on-going operating costs (due to the stock size rotors being much cheaper than BBK rotors and the Radi-CAL brake pads are much thicker and last longer than BBK pads).

We recommend pairing this setup with the rear radial mount caliper brackets and our Brake Bias Cage. 



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