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  • BOE Featherweight Exhaust
  • BOE Featherweight Exhaust

BOE Featherweight Exhaust

$ 740.00



BOE's Featherweight Race Exhausts have been around in the Lotus community for a long time. They're known as the “Quarterstick" (QS), Silent Touch (ST), and ST-5.

They are most known for the their ultra light weight and rebuildable features. Construction is 100% stainless steel and the kits are complete with mounting bar, instructions, all new mil-spec hardware, clamps, and tip—everything you need to install the system. They are available from BOE in above diffuser exit only, so you'll need to modify your OEM rear panel, or you can purchase ours here.

The ST-5 weighs about 13lbs, the ST about 11lbs, and the QS about 8lbs. Each system is completely rebuildable and contain the best packing materials including stainless steel “scrubble". Additionally, the mounting system is designed to be flexible to account for the large engine movement often found in the Elise, Exige, and 211 platform.

Design of the QS and ST are both straight-through and tested for horsepower ranges on the race track of over 400bhp for the last several years.  

The ST-5 is engineered specifically to attenuate a few more dB at sound restricted tracks (Some will refer to this muffler as the Laguna muffler). It is not straight-through and will possibly sacrifice a few horsepower on forced inducted cars in exchange for approximately 5 more decibels of sound attenuation.  We would typically not recommend this muffler for street use as it will require a little more regular maintenance due to internal complexity.

Without a catalyst, the systems will often sustain decibels at WOT from 100 feet off the right side of the car of:

  • QS: 100
  • ST: 95
  • ST-5: 90

The design of these systems typically creates low, mature tone at idle and part-throttle. At WOT, the sound is crisp and many will describe the car with F1 enthusiasm as your car flies down the straights.

Enjoy a long life exhaust that can be rebuilt as needed for best performance rather than replacing the entire muffler each season.


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