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The BOE shop is fully insured and happy to provide superior Lotus service, installation, and track preparation by appointment. We take great pride and care in providing the best experience possible while we have your Lotus.

Common work ranges from:

  • Ground up street to race car conversions
  • REV300/REV400 Installs
  • Turbo 2ZZ Builds
  • Custom tuning on Motec, EFI, GEMS, and Lotus OEM ECUs
  • Custom wire harnesses
  • Wide body conversion
  • Carbon Fiber Body conversions
  • Shocks, corner balance, complete alignments for street or race
  • Cage building and Installation

Facilities include:

  • Complete Suite of Lotus Tuning Tools Including: BOE Fastworks, Kold-Fire, Lotus Tech Centre, OBD2/CANBUS Data Loggers
  •  Customized 2 Post Rotary Chassis Lifts for Ultra Low Race Cars
  •  Multi-Channel Automotive Data Logging Scope
  •  Engine Sized, Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
  •  Dedicated Engine Assembly Cleanroom
  •  CAD/CAM Based Engineering utilizing both 2D and solids
  •  In-House Eddy-Current Load based Dyno with Polynomial Loading, Knock, and AFR Logging
  •  Complete Chassis Setup Including 3 Laser Alignment, Corner Scales, and Setup Stands
  •  Expert MIG and TIG welding
  •  CNC Mill Center
  •  Lathe and Fabrication Tooling
  •  Custom BMRS Hose Building


Please don't hesitate to inquire about our service work!




Shop Hours
Monday - Friday: 10AM-5PM CST

+1 913-227-4139


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BOE Fabrication
7111 W. 151st Street
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Overland Park, KS 66223

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