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We Build Champions


At BOE, we have a long resume with both successful race programs and asphalt shredding street cars. Our Engines, Superchargers, Tuning, and Chassis components, in addition to our program consultation can be found in champion Solo SCCA, SCCA Road Course, NASA Pro Racing, HSR, Lotus Cup, Lotus Challenge, and more!

We have been a leader in 2ZZ-GE Engine development being the first on the planet to use Nickel-Silicon plating in the engine bores and alternate rod ratios on the OE dimension crank. We helped to bring solid rockers to the 2ZZ platform and we're the only providers and developers of a fully integrated software suite that unlocks the highly capable Lotus ECUs. When it comes to testing, innovation, complex builds, and technical consultation, we pride ourselves on being a global leader in the Lotus space. 


What's this thing we call BOE?


BOE stands for Beyond Original Equipment. BOE Fabrication is a leader in engineering, tuning, and fabrication specializing in the modern Lotus line up for both race and high performance street driving. You’ll find BOE Fab parts on winning Lotus Cars in SCCA, NASA, World Challenge, Lotus Cup, Lotus Challenge, and HSR Racing Series.

Facilities include:

  • Complete Suite of Lotus Tuning Tools Including: BOE Fastworks, Kold-Fire, Lotus Tech Centre, OBD2/CANBUS Data Loggers
  • Customized 2 Post, Rotary Chassis Lifts for Ultra Low Race Cars
  • 4 Post, Bendpack Lifts
  • Multi-Channel Automotive Data Logging Scope
  • Engine Sized, Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
  • Dedicated Engine Assembly Cleanroom
  • CAD/CAM Based Engineering utilizing both 2D and solids
  • In-House Eddy-Current Load based Dyno with Polynomial Loading, Knock, and AFR Logging
  • Complete Chassis Setup Including 3 Laser Alignment, Corner Scales, and Setup Stands
  • Expert MIG and TIG welding
  • CNC Mill Center
  • Lathe and Fabrication Tooling
  • Custom BMRS Hose Building | 30ton BMRS Crimper and Hundreds of Fittings

The BOE shop is fully insured and happy to provide superior Lotus service, installation, and track preparation by appointment. We take great pride and care in providing the best experience possible while we have your Lotus.


Meet the Team


 Andrew (Bud): The Boss.

Andrew, or Bud, is the shop chief wizard, project manager, engineer, and part of the ownership team of BOE. He's often the one you'll talk with when you have tech questions. We do suggest that if you have a complex question, you wait until he has had his morning coffee. He can be a bit gruff prior to getting his first caffeine fix for the day. When you book your next build, you can be sure that Andrew will have a hand on the entire project. He has a keen eye for detail and a great passion for excellence. 


Jason (Willie): Chief Technician and Fabricator

Jason, or Willie, has his hands in all facets of the shop, but spends the majority of his time manipulating raw aluminum into intricate parts. He's also and expert technician and can fix anything Lotus. He typically has a cup of tea in one hand, which has helped him hone in his 6th sense of of using his mind to bend metal.


Josh (Big Josh): Chief Parts Breaker

Josh's official role is a catch-all at BOE. He can be found doing anything from packaging goods to be shipped, receiving, or assisting in working on the cars. He's a rather big chap that struggles to manage is extraordinary strength--so he's also the guy who is only allowed to take parts off the cars, as he will break any wrench, vise, ratchet, bolt, etc in the process of tightening it. Josh accepts tips in the form of libation.


Mr. Jim: Wiring Guy and Widget Man

Jim has his own Lotus and is the chief tinkerer and wiring man. If there's tinkering to be done or harnesses to make, he's the man for the job!


Todd (Flying Todd): Engine Guy and Technician 

Todd is Flying Todd because he's fast on the track. He drives a Porsche 944 with an LS swap, and despite those deficiencies, he's still a worthy foe on the esses! Todd assists in the Engine Room and working on the Lotus cars with a particular emphasis in chassis setup.


Shop Hours
Monday - Friday: 10AM-5PM CST

+1 913-227-4139


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