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  • S2 Roll Cage
  • S2 Roll Cage

S2 Roll Cage

$ 3,600.00



BOE 6 point Roll Cages will provide you with significantly improved safety and chassis rigidity of your S2 Lotus Elise or Exige. 

They have 0.190" down tubes and made from DOM tubing. They have been used competitively in both SCCA and NASA. Weldments were executed professionally with TIG welding process.The fit is precise and requires only small modifications to the firewall and plastic sill for installation. It is typical that the rear window be replaced with a Lexan version, as rear down tubes may interfere with stock rear glass.

While requisite body modifications are not extensive, the installation of the 6 point cage and removal of the factory roll bar should be reserved for advanced at home mechanical skills or professional race shops.

There are 4 weldments required to the cage to complete the installation. All cages for the S2 Lotus that can possibly be made legal for racing in USA NASA or SCCA racing will require post installation welding of the forward hoops. Bolt together cages have been prohibited in USA race series. 

Black powder coating is available. If powder coated, we will leave the 4 weldment areas free of coating to be later covered with paint after welding. 

Shipping goes by freight and will be billed separately...



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