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  • Evora Cooling Tray
  • Evora Cooling Tray
  • Evora Cooling Tray
  • Evora Cooling Tray
  • Evora Cooling Tray

Evora Cooling Tray

$ 690.00



The Evora suffers from heat related issues in the engine bay. It's bad!

Lotus knows this and tried several iterations of diffusers and undertrays with scoops to help remedy the issue. In the end, they finally went to the newly designed "400 Undertray" in the Evora 400 and newer cars that dropped the leading edge to create scoop for air across the entire panel. 

This proved to be the ultimate fix to resolve boiling clutch fluid, lower transmission case temperatures, lower intake air temperatures, extend alternator life, and preserve the heat shielding against the firewall, among others... 

There are a couple issues with 400 Undertray however. 1) it's a real pain to install with a dozen spacers, the leading edge isn't captive to the channel in the frame, the kick-up air scoops interfere with aftermarket headers, it's very expensive, and essentially impossible to get!

Our Cooling Tray is far easier to install (especially when conducting work in the pits!) with the leading edge securing in the channel in the frame. It has fewer spacers and the spacers are captive to the bolts. We have specially designed the cut outs to work with all the popular headers on the market including stock. 

Further, it has kick-up air scoops on the topside of the panel which are strategically located to not hit many aftermarket headers! Some stock S1 configurations may require removal/ modification to a couple existing heat shields.

Finally, we have added stiffeners to the panel that are both glued and riveted into place to ensure a noise and vibration free part.

The panels are finished with anodizing and come with all the requisite hardware.



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