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  • BOE Torque 250

BOE Torque 250

$ 1,100.00

Model Year


Tune Request Forms can be found in the Support Section and MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED TO sales@boefabrication.com WITH YOUR ORDER.  Delays may be experienced during busy season.  IMPORTANT: ECU's should be shipped in a padded box and insured for $1200.  Include your name and contact information in the box.

BOE Torque250 is an upgraded flash tune and software package for existing Katana and BWR installations that are running a Kold-Fire Tune, Sector, VF, CX, and PES tunes or an aftermarket EMS. Hardware must be to the recipe set forth by the original kits: stock airbox, 3.4" pulley, 440 injectors.  We cannot assist in sorting or compiling parts to create "used kits", or troubleshooting runability issues as a result of hardware issues.

The low end torque is felt right out of the gate and will stay there all the way to redline. The Fastworks CU Editor has unlocked all the performance tables in the ECU unlike anything else available in the Lotus market. We have combined years of standalone race ECU tuning and experience with the OEM ECU and built the the best flash you can buy for your Lotus equipped with the non-cooled M62 based blower kit.

NOTE: YOU MUST mail your ECU to BOE for flash service of 2005-2007 (white dash) cars


No BOE engine products are CARB certified. BOE engine products are intended for use off-road or where emissions are not regulated. 

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