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  • AP Racing Radi-CALs
  • AP Racing Radi-CALs
  • AP Racing Radi-CALs

AP Racing Radi-CALs

$ 2,950.00



These are the best calipers you can by for your 4 cylinder Elise, Exige, or 211 hands down.

For this application, they are the lightest, the stiffest, the most consistent, and the prettiest calipers made!

Features include: 

- Benefits from a radical asymmetric design concept.
 - Superior dynamic performance.
 - Increased stiffness.
- Forged, two piece aluminium alloy body.
- Grey anodized surface finish.
- Stainless Steel Pistons.
- High temperature seals.
- Stainless Steel wear plates.
They come with a set of brake pads.
We recommend you read this tutorial: Stopping a Lotus on a Dime
You'll need the brake caliper brackets found here to mount them: Radi-CAL Brackets
And we highly recommend you run the stock front calipers in the rear and use our brake bias cage for the ultimate in stopping.

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