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  • 2 Pot Caliper Mod

2 Pot Caliper Mod

$ 355.00



This is the brake bleeding mod that everyone wishes they had.

Lotus made an error when they asked AP to spec their bespoke caliper with only one bleed screw on the outboard caliper pot. We've fixed this error with this modification.

The pricing below includes:

  • (2) Front Custom SS, DOT lines for the side caliper connection
  • All required fittings
  • Labor including dismantle and sonic clean the calipers
  • Labor including machining the calipers for the side fitting
  • (4) Matching bleed nipples

All work for this modification is carried out right at BOE. Please allow just 5 business days upon receipt to complete the work and ship back.

Matching rear stainless lines are available separately.

Our stainless lines come with a blue anti-abrasion coating.



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