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  • Toe Links- 1/2link-NAS

Toe Links- 1/2link-NAS

$ 280.00



BOElinks and BOE 1/2links are the strongest and lightest toe-link upgrade available for the S2 111 Elise/Exige. Our system replaces the stock inboard M10 stud with high-strength NAS Aerospace hardware. The carefully specified heim-joints are self lubricating, non-lined, and are rated over 23,000lbs in strength. These are among the highest rated heim-joints that will physically fit on the car. This “over-engineering" helps to ensure that our racers and track-day enthusiasts will have longer service intervals than they would with all other aftermarket toe-link solutions.

Installation notes are found here : Support

The connecting link is ultra strong swaged aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance.

There are two options for the outboard joint. The BOE 1/2Link utilizes the stock outer ball joint. It's a great solution for the weekend track-rat or anyone wanting simpler reassurance that they won't experience toe-link failure.

The more track oriented BOELink, replaces the outer joint with the same super heavy duty heim-joint found on the inboard along with similar NAS Aerospace hardware. Return to the product page and select BOElink if this kit is for you.

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