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  • Bosch EV-14 Injectors
  • Bosch EV-14 Injectors

Bosch EV-14 Injectors

$ 299.00



These injectors are the modern Bosch EV-14 platform and are considered the gold standard for performance injectors. Don't settle for the old EV-1 platform of injectors like those seen at RC and others. A modern EV-14 injector will provide more accurate fueling in addition to longer and a more reliable service life. 

Select the 525/550 injectors for all BOE MP62 blower tunes (REV250, Exige Torque 300, Torque 250, etc). The 525 and 550 Injector rating are interchangeable.

Select the 750cc Injector for TVS1320 conversions, E85 Conversion, etc.

Note: If you're relying on BOE for custom tuning, be sure to consult with us before purchase.

Pricing includes 4 injectors and 4 wiring adapter kits. These sets are plug & play injector kits as ordered. No modifications are required to run these on a 2ZZ-GE Lotus.




Compare the old Bosch EV-1s to the modern EV-14 injector

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BOE EV-14s with Adaptors

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