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  • Ferrea Solid Rockers
  • Ferrea Solid Rockers
  • Ferrea Solid Rockers

Ferrea Solid Rockers

$ 1,900.00



For a car with forced induction, these rockers are simply stellar!

As you can see in the dyno chart, we gave up nothing down low. This is of course with tuning, but the point stands that incorporating these rockers into a normal redline of 8500 is still a great mod!!

We've worked out the programming in the stock ECU to be perfectly happy with these solid "VVL Killer" rockers.

You might wonder why killing the VVL works so well on supercharged cars.

There's a few reasons here. 1) The variable valve lift design was to help augment intake velocity on an NA motor across a large range of RPM. Forced induction negates much of the need for this. 2) The geometry, applied lift and duration is quite a bit different with these rockers than stock. 3) These roller setups run on the big lobe only and have a good bit less frictional loss than the stock cams. 4) They weigh about 40% less and will all but eliminate valve float and WILL eliminate the notorious 2ZZ-GE cam wiping. 

We don't have an entire tune library built for them yet. For now, in shop installations are going to be the best bet if on the Lotus ECU.  

If purchased through us, we're open to doing some ROUGH internet tuning with them if you're willing to be flexible and put the car on the dyno... We are reasonably confident that we can configure the tune via the internet on the stock ECU, but we cannot make guarantees given the highly custom nature of this modification. Please contact us before purchasing if you're planning on having us tune the car...

Installation notes:

**Adjusting the valve lash is likely NOT required, which makes for easier installation. However, it should be checked. 0.008-0.022inch is acceptable.

**These rockers will NOT work with MWR Ti retainers. 


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