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  • Wheel Stud Kit Elise/Exige/Evora

Wheel Stud Kit Elise/Exige/Evora

$ 175.00



Elise | Exige | 211 | Evora

BOE Lotus Wheel Studs

Lotus Elise through Evoras come with wheel bolts that are known to strip, seize, and are simply difficult to work with. These are the highest quality wheel studs available on market. They have a hex head that makes them a snap to install.

The 17mm lug nuts will fit into the tightest wheel lug openings as well.

The kit is complete with 16 studs and 16 17mm lug nuts for the 4 cylinder cars and 20 studs and 20 lugs for the 6 cylinder cars. Be sure to select 16 or 20 when adding to Cart.

Insert the studs with red loctite and bring to about 10ft/lb torque in the hub.

Torque these lugs to 80 ft*lbs and recheck the torque after one day's use.


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