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  • Evora Chargecooler Series
  • Evora Chargecooler Series
  • Evora Chargecooler Series
  • Evora Chargecooler Series
  • Evora Chargecooler Series
  • Evora Chargecooler Series
  • Evora Chargecooler Series

Evora Chargecooler Series

$ 4,000.00




Retail Pricing based on OEM configuration, as follows:

6 Speed S: $13,000

6 Speed NA: $13,500

IPS S: $13,800

IPS NA: $14,300




Those are the numbers capable with this potent and complete conversion we've brought to the Lotus Evora!

Here's how to make the Evora Awesome!

A Harrop 1900TVS blower and manifold with a MASSIVE internal chargecooler built specifically for the Lotus 2GR-FE. An enhanced fuel delivery system. A large front mount Air to Water Heat Exchanger for the Chargecooler. The most advanced ECU editor ever built for a Lotus and copious amounts of dyno and street tuning time to build a fantastic OEM level engine calibration. A lot of CNC bracketry, mandrel bent tubes, couplers, hardware, and instructions.

They all come together to give the Evora, a car with Supercar Looks and Handling, the Supercar Acceleration it deserves!

A bone stock Evora with IPS or 6SPD transmission is making 385WHP* with Stage 1. With the addition of a good exhaust header, we've already seen 435WHP*, which is 511 Crank/Brake HP**! This is with stock internals and 91 octane (R+M/2)!!


The details that matter and you should know. 

The Evora clutch is a good a unit if it hasn't been abused with the problematic bad master cylinders or riding the clutch due to lack of dead-pedal. Even with 435WHP, you should expect good street performance.

The IPS is a modern low drag transmission that transfers power to the ground well. We have an included "shift kit" to enhance the IPS transmission for firmer shifts and more holding power. This kit was developed in-house with the aid of external partners and testers as well. We feel this addition, while isn't mandatory, is the best way to improve the IPS transmission for Supercar Power.  

The front and rear clam do NOT come off for this installation. In fact, as Lotus Lovers ourselves, we know how intimidating is to take the body work off these cars. We designed the kit sympathetic to that concern and made sure there is NO cutting of external fiberglass or removal of it required!

Installation notes are very complete but do expect reasonable mechanical expertise. We estimate 20 hours for installation by an experienced Lotus Technician or 30 hours for those who choose to install at home.

ECU Flashing/Updating is completed through Email and a laptop with Windows 7 or  10.

This kit has NOT gone through emissions certification. Technically, off-road only. However, rest assured that we can make the car as friendly as it was when stock whilst at part throttle and idling so you can feel good that your catalysts can remain in-place and emissions monitors will not find fault with your newly added power!

The power is MASSIVE, Linear and it is Transformative! See the dyno charts and video below. You will fall in love with the Evora all over again. It is truly an exceptional conversion with outstanding attention to detail and manufacturing!

*As tested on multiple cars on a Dynojet Inertia Dyno, 224xLC

**Assuming a 15% Driveline Reduction

***The Deposit is Non-Refundable


Here is a 6 Speed car with headers and 2.5 inch downpipe.


Here is a bone stock IPS car with nothing more than our kit and shift kit.




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