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Evora Header O2 Extension Harnesses

$ 155.00



BOE Fab's precision-engineered O2 Sensor Harness Extensions.

Designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between the factory harness and the O2 sensors for vehicles equipped with aftermarket headers, these are required for running most aftermarket header systems on the Evora. Whether you own an Evora, Evora S, Evora 400, or Evora GT, our extensions promise a perfect fit for BOE Headers and are compatible with other aftermarket headers mirroring our 02 sensor placements.

Crafted with meticulous attention to durability and functionality, each harness features OEM connections, ensuring a direct, hassle-free connection that echoes the reliability of your vehicle's original components. The incorporation of robust heat shielding throughout the length of the harnesses and weather-sealed exteriors guarantees protection against the elements and engine heat, preserving signal integrity and sensor lifespan.

Installation is a breeze, with no need for cutting or splicing, allowing for a straightforward, reversible upgrade that maintains the integrity of your vehicle's wiring. Choose BOE Fab O2 Sensor Harness Extensions for a flawless integration of aftermarket headers, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your Lotus Evora's exhaust system.

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