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  • Evora Lowering Cups
  • Evora Lowering Cups
  • Evora Lowering Cups

Evora Lowering Cups

$ 569.00



Evora suspension is pretty good right out of the gate. If there's one common complaint, it's the ride height. These lowering cups are designed in-house and will lower the car about 3/4 of an inch.

After suboptimal experiences with aftermarket "lowering springs", which were both of inferior performance and fit to the OE springs, we designed these lowering cups. They are a relatively straight-forward installation that retains the OEM Eibach springs. No modifications are needed to the car or hardparts. A press or spring compressor is recommended to disassemble the shock/spring assembly.

From a handling standpoint, these cars do better when closer to the ground. 

From the aesthetics point of view, the fender gaps are too big.

Our lowering cups will take care of these issues without the costs associated with aftermarket shocks or the questions that go along with aftermarket springs.

The cups are made from a solid piece of billet aluminum for strength and have a hard anodized finish to help preserve their appearance over time. 


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