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  • Cold-Air Intake Filter Cartridges

Cold-Air Intake Filter Cartridges

$ 125.00



Replacement Foam Filter Cartridges for BOE CAI's


The foam ITG filters carry the great benefit in that they flow MUCH better than panel or cloth filters as they gather dirt. This is why foam is used across off-road racing venues and OE off-road offerings such as ATVs and Dirt-bikes.

If there's one drawback, they're not million mile filters and do require a little care when cleaning and oiling to obtain the longest service life possible. Over time, the required oils on the filter media will tend to soften the foam and break it down. 

You can prolong your filter life through regular cleaning, using high quality foam filter oil and proper foam filter cleaners.

A few notes:

Gasoline is very hard on foam filters. Gasoline will do great in cleaning the filter, but after a couple cleanings with gasoline, the filter will feel soft and limp even when dry.

Alcohol can accelerate the breakdown process as well. When selecting your filter oils, look for those with minimal amount of alcohol.

Don't over oil the filter. All they require is a light coat of oil. They don't need to be soaked in oil. Too much oil simply ends up breaking the filter down and mucking up your MAF sensor. 

When it's time to clean the filter in your BOE/ITG CAI airbox, we have you covered.

For more info on the CAI's that we offer and the kits these replacement cartridges are intended for, please click HERE 




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