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  • ITG Cold Air Box w/ 3" MAF for REV400, REV 300, and Exige S

ITG Cold Air Box w/ 3" MAF for REV400, REV 300, and Exige S

$ 450.00



ITG is a top-level maker of air filter and induction products. They boast a resume of wins in F1 and ALMS with their foam filters. In conjunction with ITG, we have designed these filter and air-metering systems, along with specific tunes for our Revolution Series 300 and 400 TVS kits, as well as the Exige S platform.

**This kit comes with Revolution 300 and 400 kits as of November 23, 2012 and is a great option for the Exige S running the the Torque 300 Tune!**

Care and instructions are found on the Support Page, here.

Replacement foam filter element available here.

Foam filters allow for better filtration and much better airflow when dirty compared to fabric or paper filters. In addition, the tacky foam filter oil stays on the filter media and reduces residue on the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor when compared to lighter weight oils that become air-born found on fabric filters.

This kit helps to provide cooler air to the motor, which can help to retain engine power.  It also helps with expanding the range in which the MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) can meter air. Custom Tuning is required to run this intake. In addition, the unique design aides in uniform air supply to the filter and laminar airflow through the intake path to retain crisp throttle response and correct air metering.

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