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  • Trans Studs

Trans Studs

$ 18.00



Common to the 2ZZ Lotus is bolt failures on the front and rear mounts of the transmission. The best solution is to stud those mounts. This is particularly the case when upgrading to firmer engine/trans mounts like the ones we carry here.

These are high quality metric 10.9 grade studs with 10.9 knurled flange nuts. 

Hand tighten the studs into the trans and secure with blue loctite. In many cases you will not be able to get a torque wrench to the studs/nuts. The knurled nuts will help to ensure that hand tightening will keep them tight at the 35ftlbs or torque, which will likely be applied by "feel".

This kit includes 4 studs and 4 nuts, which is sufficient replacing the factory bolts on the front and rear trans/motor mounts.


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