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  • ACT HDSS and XTSS Clutch

ACT HDSS and XTSS Clutch

$ 450.00



This is the latest clutch designed specifically for the demands of a Lotus track car and is even ready for the abuses of a sequential transmission! We've tested this clutch behind our 450hp race car and sequential box with great results!

If you're running the car on the track or have a supercharger/turbocharger you NEED a good clutch. The stock clutch just won't last long with forced induction… Even on the street, you may be surprised just how fast it fails with the horsepower that our REV series blowers make!

There are many options for clutches out there and many different sales pitches for one or the other. The ACT HDSS is commonly the standard for which the others are compared. It's priced well, it's reliable, and it holds the power that most folks are running and then some. We've had this clutch on 350whp tracked Lotus cars with good success.

Pedal feel is marginally more than stock. It has a sprung center hub, which has been shown to prolong the transmission life when compared to solid center hubs.

The ACT XTSS, is the big brother to the HDSS. It retains the use of the sprung hub for better transmission life but will hold 450whp on the race track or street. Select this clutch for the most extreme demands. It will have a very firm pedal.

Remember, always run the softest clutch that will get the job done. For most, the HDSS will be the clutch of choice. 

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