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  • 2ZZ-GE HP Head Gasket
  • 2ZZ-GE HP Head Gasket
  • 2ZZ-GE HP Head Gasket

2ZZ-GE HP Head Gasket

$ 160.00



These are custom Cometic MLX Head Gaskets made to our specifications.


MLX head gaskets feature a unique, integrated “stopper” layer creating a positive sealing ring around the combustion chamber. The sealing ring improves clamp load, without excess bore distortion, resulting in an uncompromised seal where it’s needed most.

The stainless steel outer layers are coated with FKM (Viton), a high temperature/chemical resistant polymer. A topcoat of PTFE (Teflon) aids in resistance to fret and increased cold sealing.

As with all of Cometic’s MLS/X Series Head Gaskets, no sealants or re-torque is required.

Assuming a stock height Deck and Head (ie. the block deck and head have not but machined):

Compression will approximately change as follows:

028 results in a 0.15:1 compression reduction (e.g. 11.5:1 becomes 11.35:1). Suitable for M62 supercharged and Naturally Aspirated Motors.

048 results in a 0.95:1 compression reduction (e.g. 11.5:1 becomes 10.55:1). Suitable for budget turbo charger builds where a reduction in static compression is needed to mitigate detonation. Also a good part to return the engine to similar to factory specs if the deck and/or head have been surfaced. On an engine with 0.010" removed from the deck and head (0.020" total), this gasket will net a reduction of 0.35:1 from stock. 

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