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  • Lotus 111 Rear Motor Mount

Lotus 111 Rear Motor Mount

$ 135.00



Lotus uses very soft Toyota based “road-going" motor mounts to ensure a vibration free experience in a typical passenger vehicle. These Toyota mounts allow for unacceptable motor movement for a high performance vehicle. Reducing, but not eliminating, motor movement is an important component to the recipe of improving the overall performance of your Lotus. While reducing the motor movement is productive, take care not to attempt to *eliminate* motor movement by running excessively stiff mounts. At BOE, we have found that it's only necessary to replace the rear motor mount and in *some* cases the front mount as well. We recommend running the OE Lotus side motor mounts. Four cylinder motors vibrate a lot and if you transfer too much of that vibration to the chassis, you may find catastrophic failures of fasteners or other chassis components in addition to distracting vibration in the steering wheel.

We strongly recommend our trans studs when servicing the motor mounts.


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