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  • HO Exige/211 3.0" Pulley

HO Exige/211 3.0" Pulley

$ 130.00



High Output Exige/211 Pulley

With the appropriate tune, decreasing the pulley to our 3.0 inch HO Pulley is great way to give your Exige S/240/260/211/Cup Lotus that extra bump in power.  

Check out our Exige Power Recipe for more details.

Please note that this pulley should be used with a shorter serpentine belt as found here.  

Removal of the stock pulley should be done using a strap wrench around the pulley and hand tools. Do NOT use an impact gun. The new pulley should be torqued to 45ft-lbs. Access for the pulley change is through the right side wheel opening. 

We do not recommend running this pulley with the stock tune. Please refer to our Torque 300 tune.

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