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  • Walbro 255 Pump

Walbro 255 Pump

$ 120.00



This is the Walbro 255lph pump that is a replacement pump for the stock in-tank fuel pump.  We modify the pump housing so that only small changes need to be made to fit it to the Lotus 2ZZ-GE fuel pump housing. These changes require only a file or dremel tool to relieve a small bit of plastic on the housing cap. It's VERY easy. In addition to the small bit of filing, there are are two wire terminals to crimp, so be aware that you'll need to perform that bit of work, noting polarity. We provide the Walbro plug, retainer, wire terminals, and modified pump, making this as about as easy of a swap as possible!


When replacing thing fuel pump, we recommend replacing the fuel filter. It's part of the housing and can be found by clicking HERE. Additionally, on 2005 cars, the fuel tank was manufactured a bit too small which typically results in damage to the fuel bulkhead top plate. For all 2005 installations, we absolutely recommend purchasing the bulkhead top plate found by clicking HERE

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