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Surge Tank

$ 1,000.00



As many Lotus track enthusiasts know, the S2 111 Elise/Exige suffers from fuel starve on high G left hand sweepers. Several have lost engines to this. The Elise/Exige platform has the fuel pick-up on the far left hand side of the car. Consequently, an aggressive driver will often find the car sputtering during long left hand sweepers. This fuel starvation may simply cause annoying sputtering on the normally aspirated cars, but typically causes severe detonation and broken ring lands in the super/turbo charged cars.

We've been building these kits since 2008 for Lotus track enthusiasts, so you can trust you're getting a proven solution from thousands of track miles of development. Our kit comes complete with EVERYTHING you need to install the surge tank, plumb it, regulate and monitor the fuel pressure for fine tuning, wire it, etc. It is a complete fuel starve and fuel supply enhancement with one click and a few hours of labor!

Our latest generation of our Surge Tank now only weighs 3 pounds and has no bolts to rust or come loose and no weldments. It is by far the lightest of its kind. These tanks are cleverly sealed with Mill-Spec Aircraft O-rings and stainless steel spiro locks. There's a Walbro 255LPH pump inside and SAE specified submersible fuel line.

In addition to completely solving the fuel starve problem, our system dramatically increases the fueling capacity of the stock system. We have run this system with no fueling problems what so ever on 2ZZ-GE engines with over 480bhp. The system comes with a race quality Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, a gaggle of AN fittings, needed hoses preassembled with fittings, a fuel pressure gauge for fine tuning the pressure to your tune, and a weather pack wiring harness with fused relay. It is compatible with the stock fuel rail and includes a quick disconnect fitting for easy integration (pictured below).

Mounting. Our system mounts on the left side of car behind the rollbar support. This ensures that you have easy access to it through the wheel opening and that it's not mounted in the way of any other aftermarket accessories such as our Revolution Series Radiator, Factory or aftermarket superchargers, Clamhinge Battery Relocation, AC lines, exhaust, etc.

All aluminum components are appropriately anodized for a long lasting, durable finish. Parts are all designed with CAD and CNC machined.


NOTE: Some Euro and ROW configurations may require a different fuel return tee


Install Notes Found Here

It is compatible with all OEM and aftermarket tunes.
Clam removal is NOT needed for this installation

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