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SSM Monster!

Posted on 24 June 2016

This is the Champion Winning SSM Car of Matt G. 

Matt was looking for a bump in torque. He asked if we would perform an in-house Compound Charge Build. Not being one to say no very often, we pulled off a pretty quick build that turned out to be a torque monster. We had to substantially detune the upper power-band as it was simply not drivable in 1st or 2nd gear after about 5,000 RPM. Who know there was such a thing as too much power.

With a tall 2nd gear in a sturdy E153 trans, this car pulls OVER 1G in acceleration!

Power is a unique torque curve for this application that makes over 300whp as low as about 4500 RPM all the way to redline with almost 500whp at it's peak! Unlike a turbo only car, this motor doesn't have a torque hole below turbo spool. The blower generates torque down low. Power comes on smooth and linear as the turbo catches up to drive torque to obscene levels in the middle of the band. The smallish turbo then fades away up top allowing the tires to remain hooked after the initial "dig" out of a turn. For ultimate best power, a larger turbo would be used, but this beast already had to be dialed back to remain tractable at a national level.


Some Key Factors:

  • BOE Long Rod Black Series Motor at 9:1
  • Ferrea Solid Rockers
  • 104+ Octane Fuel
  • 30 psi peak boost
  • BOE REV400 Supercharger
  • BOE and DMC custom turbo setup with a very customized GTX2871 Turbo
  • Stock ECU tuning performed in-house by BOE
  • BOE Front Hex (Heat Exchanger)
  • BOE Rear Side Heat Exchanger (The two are plumbed for in Series)
  • W/A intercooler for the turbo in addition to the W/A Intercooler in the REV400 Manifold
  • DaviesCraid EWP IC water pump
  • Large DaviesCraig EWP Engine water pump
  • Pumps and Fans all controlled through custom BOE Programming via ECU and PDM
  • E153 Transmission
  • Emphasis on serviceability, reliability, and max usable power between the RPM range of 5000-7500RPM.







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