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Bob's Street Legal Track Toy

Posted on 23 June 2016

This beautiful 2005 Elise is Bob's super fun stress relief outlet on the esses.

This in-house transformation includes:

  • BOE ClamHinge
  • BOE Pressurized Header Tank
  • BOE Front Hex (Heat Exchanger)
  • BOE Black Series 9:1 Motor
  • BOE Ferrea Solid Rockers
  • BOE In-House Tuning on the Stock ECU (~335whp on 91 Octane)
  • BOE QS FeatherWeight Muffler
  • BOE Header
  • BOE Caliper Bleeder Modification
  • BOE Full Floating Rotors
  • BOE MS RollCage
  • AIM Strada MXS Integrated Dash
  • AEM WideBand 02
  • BOE AEM WideBand Radio Delete Mount
  • AC Delete
  • AirBag Delete (BOE Airbag Blanking Plate)
  • In-House, crimped Brown & Miller Plumbing 










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