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Phil's 2015-2016 TT1/TTU

Posted on 17 August 2015


Built for NASA ST1 (requires some additional safety equipment for ST1) and TT1 competition and advanced to TTU. Vehicle weight is about 1830lbs. It has two blower configurations at about 430whp (2.3L Whipple) and 330whp (1320 TVS) with the 1.8l 2ZZ-GE and runs on 100 octane gasoline. The setup has been very reliable and did not experience a mechanical related DNF in 2015 or 2016 of TT1 competition while setting several track records.



  • BOE Long Rod 1.8L 2ZZ-GE Race Motor, 10.5:1, Ferrea Solid Rockers
  • BOE Dry Sump
  • BOE Right Side Rear Oil Cooler 
  • DMC 4:1 SS Headers with 3" from the Merge Choke
  • BOE REVX 2.3L TwinScrew SuperCharger w/ BOE Front Hex (25psi boost)
  • OEM Lotus ECU with BOE Tuning
  • Quaife 6spd Sequential w/ BWR Input Shaft
  • BOE High Pressure Coolant Swirl Pot
  • BOE Radiator
  • BOE Surge Tank
  • BMRS Plumbing Throughout
  • 430WHP (Wheel Horsepower) 


  • Drop 1" front ball joints
  • Penske Shocks, custom built by BWR 
  • VSA Cage Installed and Modified by BOE. Lotus Cup Approved
  • 60/40 Split and Relocated Aluminum Firewall 
  • 15x8" Front Wheels with 225/45 Hoosier A7 (3 sets)
  • 15x10" Rear 949 Racing Wheels with 275/35 Hoosier A7 (3 sets)
  • BOE 1" Wheel Spacer/Adapters on rear
  • BOE 280mm 2-piece Floating Discs
  • BOE Brake Bias Manual Brake Cage
  • BOE/AP Radi-CAL Ultra Light Pro Series 4-Pot Front Calipers (best and lightest braking on a Lotus!)
  • AP 2-Pot Rear Calipers
  • AP Calipers and BOE Heat Rejecting Stainless Steel Pistons and BOE brake lines
  • 1830 pounds, wet and ready to race
  • Ride Height: 70mm at the Front Splitter


  • Good Aero/Crawford Swan Neck Wing built to BOE Spec
  • BOE sealed Undertray
  • BOE Structural dry laid Carbon Diffuser (5lbs)
  • BOE Carbon 8" Front Splitter and wickers
  • BOE Carbon 2010 Front Exige Clam (11lbs)
  • BOE Carbon Hinge Covers and Rockers
  • BOE +6 Inch Wide Body Carbon Rear Clam (14lbs)
  • BOE Side Sills


  • AIM Evo 4+
  • AIM Formula Wheel
  • AIM Smarty Cam
  • BOE Fastworks

NASA Track Records

  • Heartland Park Raceway
  • Hallett Raceway
  • MPH in Hastings
  • Kansas Speedway Roval

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