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Anthony's Turbo Resto

Posted on 25 July 2015

Anthony’s car came to us after recently being worked on by some pretty awful Lotus shops. His car was running on the stock ECU, but the tune was simply a supercharger tune with a few tweaks. The hardware was somewhat typical of what we see with turbo cars built by shops that just don’t care; lots of heat damage, hacked wiring, incorrect plumbing, and a host of leaks and issues that go and on and on. Additionally, this car was burning a fair bit of oil due to the stem seals not being seated on the new head the previous shop installed!

We had fun with this car by giving it a total face lift in both cosmetics and power!

The end result is a 2005 Elise that will stop people in their tracks with great power, fantastic show quality appearance, and factory like drivability with this Turbo car running great on the BOE tuned stock ECU!

The pictures really speak a 1,000 words!


Mahle 9:1 pistons
Stock 2ZZ-GE Short Block
Stock 2ZZ-GE Head
Hass Turbo “Log” Manifold
GT28RS Turbo at 15 PSI Peak
DMC Side Mount Intercooler
Tuned by BOE Using BOE Fastworks ECU Editor
JCR Engine Harness
BOE Surge Tank (Gen 1)
BOE Clamhinge


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