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  • Rear Radial Caliper Mounts
  • Rear Radial Caliper Mounts
  • Rear Radial Caliper Mounts

Rear Radial Caliper Mounts

$ 370.00



The Lotus platform is all about great driver feedback. They did a great job with many things with the most notable exception being the brakes.

The rear brake caliper on all 4 cylinder Lotus Elise/Exige variants in the US uses a sliding rear caliper, which was most commonly used as the parking brake on a Dodge Viper. It's a terrible part by any unit of measure. 

Switching over to a radial mounted rear caliper is very big deal in regards to Lotus braking performance. Not only does braking performance and consistency improve with a proper radial mounted rear caliper, but driver feedback is improved as well. There is no way to stop a Lotus well without a radial mounted rear. 

This bracket was designed for the OEM rear S2 uprights and allows for the fitment of a 130mm center-center caliper. The stock Lotus front caliper is a great candidate for this application.

While there are a few other rear brackets that looks similar to ours, we haven't found any that do the job well.

We've probably used/seen/installed every bracket out there designed to relocate a front caliper to the rear. It's as if they're all made by people who don't actually install them. We decided to make our own to address the various issues.

These rear brackets fit the stock 2 pot fronts or the S240/260 calipers. The brackets don't hit the axles and neither do the fastening bolt heads! (common problems of other brackets).  These brackets also clear the ball joint bolts and casting protrusions on the uprights (again, common problems of others). No grinding required! We included a relief for the wheel speed sensor as well!

They are anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and laser marked for side identification.

A very important note is that we installed steel threads so you know the threads will stand the test of time.

Installation hardware included.

You're welcome to keep the stock rear caliper installed for a hand brake. Most road course cars will not use a hand brake, so removal of the stock caliper is suggested. 

If you're running our BOE brake lines, they'll fit right to the calipers, so yes, you can reuse your brake lines.


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