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  • Oil Pan Gasket- 2ZZ-GE
  • Oil Pan Gasket- 2ZZ-GE

Oil Pan Gasket- 2ZZ-GE

$ 23.00



Finally, an oil pan gasket for the 2ZZ-GE!  No more fighting to pry off your stock or aftermarket pan or messing with RTV on a perpetually oily gasket surface.  Made from 1/16" Fel-pro Karropak and cut in-house on the BOE Laser.

NOTE- Gaskets do have a shelf life, and if not installed within 6 months of receipt, can begin to shrink and get brittle.  Once installed and exposed to oil and heat, they do not tend to shrink and cause any issues.  For this reason, we do not recommend buying more than you will use in the immediate future.


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