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  • Lotus RC6 Rear Brake Pads

Lotus RC6 Rear Brake Pads

$ 275.00



Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pads excel as a track day with light road use applications. The low wear rate on these brake pads means they are perfect for endurance races, club track days, canyon runs, and are gentle on both OEM and uprated brake discs.

The Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pad is made from Sintered Metal. The Carbone Lorraine RC6 can be used in almost every type of race car and provides a high and stable friction level. The brake pad compound will give moderate dust and moderate brake squeal under road application breaking.

RC6 compound brake pads; like the rest of the Carbone Lorraine range, do not contain any organic compounds. The uncompressible material gives a stiffer pedal and a better brake modulation. It can be used in front and/or rear combined with the RC5 and RC8.

The Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pad compound has an average friction co-efficient of μ=0.5 and are very effective from cold, giving excellent initial bite yet will still not deteriorate with braking temperatures. The disc life is increased because no materials transfer.

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