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IAT Sensor Expansion Kit

$ 95.00



This is a popular upgrade kit for those running the T4E ECU (MY 2006+). The Exige and 211 models that came with superchargers all ready have IAT (Intake Air Sensors) and ECU programming to better help protect the engine as intake temps rise using the IAT for input. However, on Elise SC, and 2006+ cars with aftermarket forced induction kits, there is no IAT present. This kit includes the expansion harness and sensor required to fit an IAT to these cars.

Important Note

Proper ECU programming is required to take advantage of the IAT. Simply adding the IAT to the engine without the correct engine mapping will do nothing for data logging or engine protection. The ECU needs new programming to [know] that you have added the IAT. Please see our Tuning options to see if we might be able to help remap your ECU.

Instructions for this kit can be found here.

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