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  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating
  • HP Rotors | Full Floating

HP Rotors | Full Floating

$ 735.00

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Float in Hat Racing Full Floating HP Rotors


The ultimate in brake rotor flexibility, the BOE HP Rotors use the same ring for both the fixed and floating setup. We accomplish this with the latest full-floating bobbin technology from AP Racing and the OE Race Teams where the float is built into the aluminum bell rather than the steel ring. The net result is a quieter, true full-floating rotor with large wear surfaces and cheaper to manufacture rings, which reduce long term operating costs. HP Rotors also provides the ability to easily change rings over from the fixed bell HP Rotors to the floating bell HP Rotors with our floating bell kit. 

AP Racing is known for being the best in braking. The floating mechanism and engineering in our HP rotors is direct from AP Racing. PLEASE NOTE: These are true full-floating rotors and may have a slight rattle at low speeds. 

The HP Rotor rings are made in the same foundry and the same rotor blanks that OEMs and other popular Lotus after market discs use. 

The rotors are directionally slotted and use a curved slot vane to increase bite and modulation over others. Note that the stock Lotus rotors are drilled. Drilled rotors crack and should be avoided.

Unlike the stock Lotus rotors, these are unique castings from left to right with directional cooling vanes for the best cooling possible.

The hardware is the same NAS bolts and JetNuts used by professional ALMS race teams. 

The hats are either 6061 or 7075 aluminum depending on the model. They are bright dip anodized with laser etching to ensure a long lasting finish. 

Rings may or may not have zinc coating, depending upon batch.

Hats are anodized "Anthracite" for corrosion resistance and a great looking compliment to the car.


Hats are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. Front and Rear 288mm Elise rotors are the same part.


Hats are made from super strong 7075 T6 Aluminum. The rear full floating Evora rotors delete the parking brake. For a parking brake option, please see our two piece fixed bell HP Rotors. 

Sold in Pairs.

Which Rotors to use? What Phil Says: Fixed two-piece rotors are almost always going to be a great option. For mixed use track and street or street only, it's hard to beat a fixed two-piece rotor. Full-Floating rotors don't stop any faster, but they do help with braking consistency in very high heat situations. They can make some rattling noise at times and that may be a turn-off to street enthusiasts. They are truly intended for the higher horsepower cars that endure regular and long stints on the circuit. Unless you're just itching to spend more money or have a car that's 80% or more on the track, I'd buy the fixed rotors and spend the difference saved from floating rotors elsewhere. 

Brake Pads

Be sure to pair your rotors with the right brake pad for the longest wear characteristics. Remember, track pads belong on the track. Please read our tutorial HERE for pad selection.

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