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  • HP Rotor Rings

HP Rotor Rings

$ 400.00

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HP Rotor Rings | Fixed & Floating

The HP Rotor rings are made in the same foundry and the same rotor blanks that companies such as Giro Disc and OEMs use. 

The rotors are directionally slotted and use a curved slot vane to increase bite and modulation over others. Note that the stock Lotus rotors are drilled. Drilled rotors crack and should be avoided.

Unlike the stock Lotus rotors, these are unique castings from left to right with directional cooling vanes for the best cooling possible.

Includes new JetNuts. The bolts and bobbins are perfectly fine to reuse.

Rings are treated with black zinc for corrosion resistance. Replacement ring kits are available at an affordable value.

Sold in Pairs.

For the Gen2 BOE HP Rotors Only. Please contact for a Gen2 upgrade.

Brake Pads

Be sure to pair your rotors with the right brake pad for the longest wear characteristics. Remember, track pads belong on the track. Please read our tutorial HERE for pad selection.


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