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  • Gates Racing Serpentine Belts
  • Gates Racing Serpentine Belts

Gates Racing Serpentine Belts

$ 110.00



These are the belts we run!

Yes, they cost more but they are certain to not leave you parked on the track!

For the serious track rat or race car where the demands are the highest, you should not settle for road-going drive belts on your supercharged Lotus.

What makes these belts different than those at the parts store?

Advanced Construction

- High-modulus, low-stretch polyester tensile cord with the strength to transmit load more accurately with less vibration
- Advanced belt profile that is precision ground for an exact fit
- Strict adhesion to OEM dimension specifications, eradicating slip noise and accessory belt drive wear

Innovative Materials

- Specially engineered adhesion layer offering extended service life
- Durable overcord made from heat-resisting polyester fabric
- Undercord reinforced with heat-resistant and strong aramid fiber technology

This is belt length 785 which typically works on

-REV400 kits, with AC Delete and 70mm (small black), 75mm (silver), 78mm (blue) 80mm (silver or red) pulleys

-Katana and V2 BWR SC'er Kits with 3.4" pulleys

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