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  • Evora Cold Air Intake-NA
  • Evora Cold Air Intake-NA

Evora Cold Air Intake-NA

$ 620.00



BOE Evora Cold Air Intake System.

Add nearly 20WHP to your Evora**

The kit comes with everything you need to install in your S1 Lotus Evora.

This engineered intake system is unique to the Evora market in many ways.

1) It is the first CAI available that does not require recalibration of the ECU MAF tables. Therefore it will work on stock and aftermarket flash tunes

2) Utilizes a foam intake element. Foam elements are preferred to cloth (like K&N) or the OE unit, as they filter better and will breathe better when dirty

3) Houses the filter element in an enclosure to help insulate from engine bay heat and protect the filter

4) Uses the factory outside air scoop to ensure the coolest possible air is entering the intake system

5) Works on IPS and Manual Transmissions.  NOTE: Later model IPS cars may throw a non-critical barometric pressure code after install of the CAI.

6) Will not trick the ECU into running more ignition timing or a leaner fuel mixture. Leaves the running characteristics up to the ECU/Tune for safest operation

Installation notes can be found here: BOE Support Page

Replacement Foam Filter Element available here.

**NA Models

If your car is equipped with a sport exhaust w/ butterfly valve, please enquire about the vacuum pod kit necessary to make the valve function normally when in Sport Mode, found here.

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