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  • DMC'S Ultimate 2ZZ Header

DMC'S Ultimate 2ZZ Header

$ 1,985.00



These are the ultimate header for the 2ZZ-GE powered Lotus.

We have done extensive header testing as you can see in our Header Shootout. We conducted the shootout during a period of time that getting these awesome DMC pipes was all but impossible. The ones we tested were several years old! We were so impressed with the results and construction of them, that we tracked down the maker and convinced them to produce them again for BOE.

These headers have the technology and construction that no other header for the 2ZZ on the market can match.

We have run this header on our race car for many years. It's been an important component to the production of over 450bhp!

Features Include

-Primaries are properly tuned in length
-Stepped primaries are accurately sized to the port dimensions for optimal exhaust flow speed
-Merge-tuned for best secondary sonic scavenging
-Stainless steel tubing with expert TIG welding
-Half inch thick CNC milled flange that WILL NOT WARP
-Blanchard ground flange for trueness
-Hand ported and perfect matched to the gasket
-Smooth merge porting at the choke
-Gasketed ball socket to relieve header and muffler stress, while creating an excellent seal for accurate 02 sensor metering
-More midrange torque than all other headers on market
-Lightweight constructions
-Compatible with most aftermarket and OE mufflers, however, some muffler exit tips can interfere with the long tube radiuses before the collector.
-Engineered for excellent results on both NA and Supercharged platforms

These headers really do have it all and are truly the no compromise alternative to the rest!

Sport Cat U-Bend available at additional charge, here

Comes with new OEM Exhaust gasket

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