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  • 2ZZ-GE Fuel Race Rail

2ZZ-GE Fuel Race Rail

$ 149.00

Race Rail


For all 2ZZ-GE Toyota powered Elise, Exige, and 211s.

This is the fuel rail mod for anyone that demands the durability and compact fitment of the stock fuel rail in addition to the safety and ease of AN fittings.

We custom machine a -6AN fitting to accept the rail's inlet pipe as an insert and then TIG weld our fitting to the rail in an argon rich environment to ensure the best possible weld.

This modification has been proven over countless hours on the track on motors making over 400 horsepower. With this modification, you'll never have to worry about an aftermarket aluminum fuel rail failing or fitment of future engine covers or inlet manifolds being a problem.

Pricing below includes the labor and parts required to modify your existing rail. All the work is carried out right at BOE. Please allow just 5 days for us to complete the work and ship the part back to you.

If you don't have a rail for us to modify, we will supply one for an additional “Core Charge" below. Please add both items to cart if you need us to supply the core.

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