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  • 2ZZ BOE Intake Cam- Stock Grind

2ZZ BOE Intake Cam- Stock Grind

$ 689.00



Wiping intake cams is common-place on the Lotus 2ZZ-GE 4 cylinder.

There are many theories as to why this is the case. The aftermarket cams rarely, if ever wipe, as they're much harder than the stock Toyota cams. 

This BOE intake cam is the stock grind but much harder than the stock cam. If you're worried about wiping an intake cam or just want to replace the stock cam for preventative maintenance, this is your answer.

No new tune needed. This cam will marry to used rockers as long as the rocker has NOT been damaged from a cam in the wiping stages. Always replace damaged rockers.

Always LIBERALLY apply quality assembly lube to a new cam shaft journals AND lobes. We recommend Redline Assembly Lube or a product of similar quality.

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