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  • Wheel Spacers-1 Pair
  • Wheel Spacers-1 Pair

Wheel Spacers-1 Pair

$ 45.00

Thickness (Pair)


These are the plate style wheel spacers that many will run to achieve the optimal track width on their Lotus.

We start with 6061-T6 Aluminum, water jet the spacers, and then anodize them to keep the corrosion minimized. Most plate style spacers you'll found like these won't be anodized and come in less than optimal sizes.

We have both 0.125" (3mm) and 0.250" (6mm) sizes available.

They are hub centering. The spacers are sold in PAIRS. It is perfectly OK to stack these spacers. Just be sure that you have at least 1 full thread of exposed stud showing once your wheel lugs are torqued. 

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