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  • Front Mount HEX with FITKIT
  • Front Mount HEX with FITKIT
  • Front Mount HEX with FITKIT
  • Front Mount HEX with FITKIT

Front Mount HEX with FITKIT

$ 1,200.00



High-Pressure frontal airflow is essential for maximum heat rejection. We worked C&R to develop this front heat exchanger for charge-cooled supercharged and turbocharged Lotus Elise, Exiges, and 211s.

The core is dual pass and specifically designed for optimum flow characteristics for fluid volumes achievable through the 3/4 inch inlet and outlet.

It comes with the S2 111 Fit Kit, which consists of mandrel bent tubes, silicone 90 degree elbows, clamps, unions and riv-nuts to help make the installation much simpler.

The core is a bespoke design for the Lotus 111 chassis and fits within the stock radiator shroud. It will easily work with the stock radiator and direct-fit aftermarket radiators such as the Pro-Alloy SP radiator we stock.

REV400 builds using more than the standard 10psi boost or need the ultimate cooling for high-performance driving and racing should consider this upgrade. If the HEX is added to a REV400 order, we will provide a credit after purchase for replacing the standard rear mounted heat exchanger that comes with the REV400 with this Front Mount HEX.

Please note that the factory A/C (air conditioner) condenser must be removed to use the HEX in its intended configuration (more below). Therefore, you will not be able to retain use of the A/C. You will need to provide 3/4" water lines from the rear to the front of the car separately (not included). Optionally, some will relocate the oil cooler(s) to the rear of the car and use the stock 5/8 inch oil cooler lines to transfer the water instead of pulling new lines.  

You will also need to make a provision for cooling fans if you delete the AC condenser, we recommend the following kit:


This HEX can be mounted below the crash structure as well, if you desire retaining AC.  Please contact us if you are interested in this option!

Installation Notes are in the Support section here. Please read through those prior to purchase.

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