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2ZZ Oil Filter Tear Down

Posted on 24 October 2015

Following the changes in the K&N HP2009 where the changed the design

(see K&N Tech Wiki article where we compared the old vs. the new style here), we evaluated several other easy to obtain filters on the market. In this test we’re looking primarily at the construction of the filter and the size of filter media. The benchmark for the test is the USA made K&N HP2009 (not the newer design, which is identified by “Made in Mexico” on the filter shell).

Filters tested include:

Mobil 1


We recommend running the Mobil 1 M1-209 filter. As you’ll see below, it’s identical to the USA version of the KN HP 2009 that we’re accustomed to running with excellent results.

Each filter lacks the “nut” that K&N is famous for. The construction of each filter is unique. The Fram filter is considerably lighter than the others. The reason for this will become evident below.

Each Filter was broken down.

The Bosch has a unique bypass valve, it also had considerably LESS filter media than all the filter except the Fram. The WIX filter was constructed very well. It has the same bypass valve as USA made K&N 2009 and similar amount of filter media as well.

No surprise, the Fram filter was complete garbage. It came apart in my hands. The internals were constructed of cardboard. It also had by far the least amount of filter media.

Now the interesting part. Notice how similar the Mobil 1 (Part # M1-209) filter top is to the USA made KN HP2009

And the teardown showing that the USA made KN HP2009 is identical in every way to the Mobil 1 M1-209 filter (save for the nut on the bottom of course)

Conclusion: Since we were happy with the USA made K&N HP2009, the Mobil 1 M1-209 would be the logical alternative, since it essentially the same part. If not available, the WIX 51516 would be a fine second place, and then the Bosch counterpart in 3rd. Under no circumstances, would we recommend the Fram filter.


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