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Phil's 2011 Season TTU Car

Posted on 18 July 2015

Phil’s 2005 Elise. This is one of our own. This is an extremely fast car that’s still street legal and even has a radio! (although that radio still isn’t good for much!)


Engine and Drive

- 2ZZ-GE, 4cyl, 1.8L, 10.5:1 Arias pistons in Aircraft grade Nikasil aluminum bores
- JCR Head with Ferrea Valves and dual valve springs. MWR Stage 3 cams. Pre-Air injection head
- BOE Revolution 400 TVS kit @ 15+ psi Boost
- BOE Race Built 3” Exhaust
- BOE modified FF Header with 3” Collector Back
- BOE Cold Air Box (CAB), ITG
- BOE Catch Can
- BOE Surge Tank with FPR, v2.0
- BOE TOC Oil Sump with BOE External Pump
- Quaife Sequential 6 Speed Transmission


- Engine Cooling: DaviesCraig 30gph/115LPH Electric Water pump mounted in front (mechanical pump removed), Bauman XL Aluminum Radiator, AC Delete, 8” Puller Fan
- Oil Cooling: Air/Oil SETRAB mounted in driver’s side rear scoop
- Charge Air: DaviesCraig 90LPH pump through 2 heat exchangers; 1) Central Front Mount 2) Standard Rev400 Right Rear Side Mount

Engine Management

- DRS EFI 1.2 Standalone ECU tuned by BOE
- Fully Closed Loop Lambda Controlled
- NGK AFK WideBand


- Nitron GT3 Coil Over Shocks with Single Eibach Springs; custom valved
- Lotus Sport front sway bar

Tires and Wheels

- Hankook C71 or C51 tires, Front 225/45/15 Rear 245/40/17
- Team Dynamics Wheels, front 15x7 Rear 17x8 (forged)


- Front: BOE Full-Floating Rotors with CL RC6/8 pads
- Rear:  BOE Full-Floating Rotors with CL RC6/8 pads
- BOE Brake Ducts
- BOE SS Caliper Pistons in stock front calipers


- Front: Zero Toe, BOE Machined Steering Arms at -2.5 Camber (Base settings and change per track conditions)
- Rear: 1.5mm left and right Toe-In, -2.6 Rear Camber (Base settings and change per track conditions)
- 106mm Rear Ride Height
- 96mm Front Ride Heigh


- Exige Front Clam
- BOE Engineered UnderCar Aero
- Reverie Motorsports Carbon Fiber Adjustable Rear Wing with clam supports, 1650mm, 12 degrees
- Reverie Motorsports Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Reverie Motorsports Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

Data Logging and Display Logging and Data Display

- RacePak IQ3 data logging and Dash
Monitors and Logs 19 different channels via Canbus module from EFI ECU, GPS, Track position, lap times (including predictive laps), fuel level, inernal odo and turn signals for steet use as well


- BOE “Clamhinge” Tilitng Rear Clam
- BOE Harness Bar
- Schroth 5-point racing harness, both driver and passenger
- Ekological HID Head Lights
- BOE Keyless Boot Lock
- BOE Relocated Battery Mount
- Tillet B5 Race Seats
- ChaseCam Diva w/ 3 Cams

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