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  • Undercar Aero Dynamics

Undercar Aero Dynamics

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BOE offers a full system designed to offer significant increases to down-force generated by the flat bottom of the S2 111 Elise/Exige in addition to lowering the coefficient of drag. Through experience and research, we found several opportunities to improve the OEM part.

Our system is complete with 3 primary components designed with CAD and created with CNC machinery.

  1. Bespoke rear panel. Required for the different attack angle of the diffuser
  2. BOE rear Diffuser
  3. BOEUnder-tray

A few things unique to the BOE Undercar Aero:

  • Modified angle of attack for the diffuser to help prevent air separation
  • Lightweight rear panel that eliminates the OEM unit. This rear panels also helps to lower engine bay temperatures
  • Anodized full coverage under-tray including air strakes to help prevent high pressure air disturbing the undercar, low pressure air
  • Square-tipped strakes designed to aide in the formation of vortices and lower drag.
  • 4-channel diffuser helps minimize weight and maintain laminar airflow and undercar vortices for superior downforce and less drag

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