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  • Black Series 2ZZ-GE Short Block
  • Black Series 2ZZ-GE Short Block
  • Black Series 2ZZ-GE Short Block
  • Black Series 2ZZ-GE Short Block

Black Series 2ZZ-GE Short Block

$ 3,750.00



This is our signature short block and found in the most winningness SCCA, NASA, and HSR Lotus cars in the US. We ship these globally and would be proud to build one for you!

Includes, ACL Race bearings, Total Seal AP Rings, exotic Arias pistons, ARP fasteners throughout, and much more.... Total Seal rings are found on nearly every NASCAR on the grid and if there's one thing NASCAR knows, it's making power and making it last. Radial gas porting has been added to the pistons and the top ring thickness has been increased for better longevity and most consistent ring tension in extreme environments. We have taken the best short block available for the 2ZZ-GE Lotus and made it that much better. Available in 9:1, 10.5:1, and 11.5:1. Ideal for NA, Supercharged, and Turbocharged motors.


Uniquely, we brought aircraft grade Nikasil to the 2ZZ-GE. It's the most widely used bore technology in automotive racing and aviation. This process has been around for decades but is the newest bore technology to finally be brought to the Toyota 2ZZ-GE, so we call it the NewTech 2ZZ-GE.

An acceptable core is required prior to shipment or an additional core charge of $1,850 will be applied before shipping and refunded if an acceptable core is received within 30 days of receipt on the short block.



Features and Assembly

Total Seal Standard or AP Gapless Rings
Custom CAD designed Arias Race Pistons w/ Ceramic Tops and Teflon/Moly Skirt Coatings
Piston Gas Porting
ARP Main Studs and Nuts
ARP 2000 Series Rod Bolts
ACL Race Rod bearings
ACL or equivalent Main Bearings
Aircraft Grade Nikasil Bore Plating
Precision Gapped Piston Rings
Cleanroom Assembly
Sonic Cleaned Block and Oil Galley Cleaning

10.5:1 is a bit lower than the stock Lotus Compression Ratio. This 10.5:1 short block is ideal for supercharged and turbocharged setups that are running any custom tuning.

Why Nikasil

There are two key problem areas. The first is at the heart of the engine: the cylinders. Toyota's MMC cylinder plating process is simply not suited for high performance use. The MMC liner plating dissipates heat well, but is fairly soft, easily damaged and impossible to repair. It is also incompatible with commonly available performance pistons such as Wiseco, JE, CP, Arias, Ross, etc. This lack of piston availability has led many high-performance users to run with the stock hypereutectic aluminum pistons or replace the liner with steel sleeves.

The second key problem is the stock piston. They have a high concentration of silicon, which makes them brittle and prone to cracking under the stress of high-performance use and/or forced induction… hence, the “Glass Engine" reputation. Read more about our pistons below…

Our solution was to bring the well-known, tried and true, Nikasil cylinder plating to the 2ZZ-GE. We're the first and only company in the world to bring this high-end, race proven, plating to the 2ZZ.

Nikasil in the 2ZZ-GE:

  • Is Compatible with nearly all performance pistons
    • Is porous, which allows oil to remain suspended in the cylinder for better ring lubrication
    • Retains superior heat dissipation similar to stock MMC
    • Is harder and more robust than BOTH iron Darton sleeves and the original MMC plating
    • Has a lower coefficient of friction than BOTH iron and MMC - meaning more horsepower and more time between rebuilds
    • Cannot shift in the block like sleeves can (and often do)
    • Does not weaken the block like iron sleeves do
    • It can be repaired, unlike MMC. Gone, are the days of buying new blocks from Toyota!

    Arias Race Pistons and Total Seal Rings

    Mahle and Wiseco pistons are OK, but they're not our custom Arias pistons. Why? Our Arias pistons were custom designed with CAD by one of the world's best piston makers to suit the demands of racing a 2ZZ-GE in endurance racing. This process took a lot of time and was expensive. The result was a piston that has more features than many others.

    Lightweight Forging
    Cushion Skirts
    Teflon/Moly Coating
    Ceramic Tops
    HD Piston Pins
    Extra Pin Oiling
    CAD Optimized Combustion Domes
    Enlarged Valve Reliefs
    Thickened Upper Ring Land
    Expansion Relief Land
    Radial Gas Porting
    Thicker Ring Specs


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