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JCR Head

$ 2,500.00

Core Charge


JCR Tool & Die and BOE have been working together to make the best heads for the 2ZZ-GE for years. Together, we've discovered the various failures and the best solutions to resolving the issues with the OE Toyota parts.

JCR has become synonymous with top quality when it comes to the manufacture of these heads and that's why we have exclusively used them in our racing and high output street motors since the beginning. 

We keep JCR heads in stock and can modify them to your needs.

The standard package includes

  • Ferrea Valves 
  • Complete Valve Job
  • Valve guides
  • Eibach Springs
  • Preset lash on OEM rockers
  • Resurfaced deck
  • Gasket matched exhaust side porting
  • Modified rocker shafts for durability
  • New lift bolts
  • New Filter Screens
  • Break-in Lube for the cams

Please note there is a $1,000 core charge for the head. The head does not include cams or cam timing gear. If you're not sending us a core ahead of time, be sure to select "Add Core Charge" to cart. If you're sending the core in first, you can select "No Core Charge".

You must either order the head with a core charge or send us a core before we can ship. If you order with a core charge, we will refund the core charge provided an acceptable core is delivered to BOE within 45 days of shipping the JCR head. Additional questions and requirements of your custom JCR head can be added in the Notes fiend found when ordering or by email.


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