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  • Evora NA Stage 3
  • Evora NA Stage 3

Evora NA Stage 3

$ 1,550.00



Evora NA Stage 3

3 Stages for the Evora and Evora S platform

Stage 1

A Simple BOE Power Stage 1 Tune. The Tune is compatible with the BOE CAI (Intake) for additional benefits.

Stage 2

BOE Power Stage 2 Tune, BOE CAI, BOE Tuned Headers

Stage 3

For ULTIMATE POWER on 91 Octane Pump Gas, BOE Power Stage 3 Tune, BOE CAI, BOE Headers, BOE Cams.


We spent 3 years developing Evora Tuning and our power enhancement platform.

The results of the 2GR-FE Engine in the Evora have been surprising- even for us!

Each Stage is compatible with stock motor internals and pump gas. We have track tested these configurations and have conducted extended long distance road trips. These are compatible with both the IPS (Auto) and Manual Transmissions.

This is Stage 3! It is the ultimate in Naturally Aspirated Evora Performance. The dyno graph speaks for itself! Despite the big cams, these Stage 3 cars are perfect for a trip to the store or a Race Day. The idle is higher than stock at around 1,000RPM. It is still a very smooth idle and not distracting to the daily driver. However, when running a smaller idle, there is no mistaking the tone of this car for stock. It will absolutely talk to you and anyone else around at full song. It truly brings the exotic power and noise to an exotic car.

We have modified everything from temperature compensations, spark curves, fuel curves, throttle ramps, intake cam timing, exhaust cam timing, "Sport Mode" settings, and the list goes on!

Installation is bit complex and should be performed by a competent at-home wrench or professional technician. The clam does not have to be removed, but some will prefer it to be. We recommend bringing your Evora to BOE for Stage 3 installation and in-house dyno tune.

****When ordering, you must already have a BOE Stage 2 kit or add BOE Stage 2 to the cart as well.

Stage 3 is perfected for and makes the most power with BOE Tuned Evora Headers. We have found that all aftermarket headers improve the performance over stock. However, our tuned headers perform significantly better than others. You must be running aftermarket headers for Stage 3.

IMPORTANT: A BOE CAI is required for Stage 3. No other intake will be supported for Stage 3. 

No BOE engine products are CARB certified. BOE engine products are intended for use off-road or where emissions are not regulated. 



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