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  • Chassis Hardware Kit
  • Chassis Hardware Kit

Chassis Hardware Kit

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It's no secret that our friends at Lotus assembled much of our beloved Elise, Exige, 211, and Evoras with bolts from the local hardware store. 

The nuts lack knurling or flanges.

The bolts lack flanges and are often of a low grade.

Many of the bolts and nuts are of obscure sized wrench surfaces, such as 13 or 15mm rather than 12 and 14...

Of course finding something better at the hardware store is an impossible task.

When we work on a Lotus, nearly every Lotus (hardware store quality) bolt that comes out gets replaced with a real JIS OEM fastener. The bolts and nuts have normal 10, 12, 14, and 17 heads, there are flanges and knurling throughout and everything is 8.8 or greater. Our fasteners are JIS specified and have excellent quality control.

This is a great starter kit to equip your shop with the right fasteners. These are the fasteners that are hard to find and super handy to have in your toolbox when wrenching on your Lotus. We've already picked the right sizes to carry you through most of the maintenance and service requirements that you'll run into over the life of owning a modern Lotus.

See the picture for details. 

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