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2GR V6 BOE Stage 3 Cams

$ 1,550.00



If you're looking for the ultimate set of cams for the 2GR powerplant in the Evora or Exige V6, you should stop here. We've done the testing, development and tuning. These cams are new blanks and not regrinds of the factory parts. They work perfectly with the stock hydraulic lifters and that is a very important feature. They will also work with solid lifter conversions for pure race motors. We've tested a variety of profiles and these were the best of all worlds for both NA and Supercharged motors with -massive- improvements in output when coupled with the correct tuning and exhaust.

These cams MUST be accompanied with ECU cam remapping. Refer to the complete package here

If you're building in stages or running an aftermarket ECU, you're welcome to just purchase the cams.

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